We cordially invite you to join with us in serving our Lord and Savior.

Won't you join us?

Holy Communion  is celebrated each week.
As Lutherans, ours is an open communion. All those who believe with us that God’s gracious gift of forgiveness comes to  us in, with and under the elements of bread and wine are welcome to commune with us. Communion is celebrated each week.
 Sunday  School
September through May……9:30 a.m.
 VBS  jointly with Church of Beloved Disciples.
  Who are the Lutherans?
  Lutherans trust in Jesus Christ as God and Savior.  The name comes from a great leader, scholar, and theologian, Martin Luther.
Through years of spiritual struggle, after long hours of prayer and searching Bible study, Luther concluded that the truth spoken by Christ had been tragically distorted during the centuries.
Luther's concern that pure New Testament truth should again be known gained wide attention when he nailed 95 theses or statements for debate to a church door in the university town of Wittenberg, Germany on October 31,1517.
Within twenty years Luther's rediscovery of New Testament Christianity had set hearts aflame throughout the western world. His unveiling of long forgotten Christian truth was accepted across most of northern Europe.
Today around the world Lutherans number millions of people of every race and language on every continent and island.
Largest of all Protestant churches with over seventy million adherents, the Lutheran Church continues to proclaim to all persons that Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Are you without a church home? Then you are invited into our fellowship.
Are you a Lutheran? You may wish to refresh your awareness and appreciation of the faith.